Unemployment Tuition Waiver

Unemployment Tuition Waiver CHECKLIST for Fall 2014 ** (required: must be submitted with the Unemployment Tuition Waiver)

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A: 64-13.1 et seq. or 18A: 64A-23.1, the State of New Jersey created a program to allow certain unemployed individuals to attend a public institution of higher education in the state of New Jersey tuition-free on a space available basis. Additionally, individuals who qualify for this program may have certain fees waived or reduced. To apply for this benefit, individuals must obtain certification from the Department of Labor, Division of Workforce New Jersey that they qualify for this benefit. Additionally, individuals must verify their past presence in the labor market for at least two years and their unemployed status or receipt of a layoff notice as proof of eligibility or an Employability Development Plan from the Division of Employment Services.


Students are only eligible to register for classes on the LAST day of add/drop on a space available basis.(Students cannot register before or after this date and no overloads are allowed).

Students who register for classes prior to or after that date will forfeit his/her right to participate in the NJ Tuition Benefit for Unemployed Program for that semester. If you are a matriculated student, and are eligible for a grant, you will be required to use the grant(s) first to cover the program cost. Students are subject to Kean University’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid. The student must be making academic progress towards a degree and cannot be in default of a student loan in order to participate in the program.

Students who qualify for the NJ Tuition Benefit for Unemployed Program will receive a waiver administered by the Office of Financial Aid that will cover tuition and certain fees*, minus any federal or state grants the student may be eligible to receive. The maximum amount of tuition and fees that Kean University will waive is based on the flat rate charge for undergraduate students. The maximum number of credits per term for undergraduate students is 19 and 12 for graduate students. When the student is eligible for federal and state grants that exceed the student’s cost for tuition and applicable fees, the student does not qualify for the NJ Tuition Benefit for Unemployed.

The cumulative amount of tuition and fees that Kean University will waive for non-matriculated undergraduate students is limited to 12 credits and for non-matriculated graduate students the limit is 6 credits.

Unemployment Tuition Waivers are applicable to courses taken at and billed by Kean University, not for courses taken at other locations. Waivers are not permitted for Consortium Agreements at other institutions. Unemployment Tuition Waivers cannot be used for Travelearn or Study Abroad classes.

Students should refer to the Registrar website for the last day of add/drop and check their Kean.edu Google email regularly.

Individuals who gain employment during the semester the tuition waiver is in effect shall be eligible to continue for that semester as a participant of the program. This does not apply to students who become employed prior to the certification of a waiver.

* Health Insurance and Graduate application fees are examples of fees not covered under the unemployment tuition waiver program.


Customized courses that are underwritten by specific employers are exempt from eligibility under the tuition waiver program. Courses offered under the Continuing Education, Study Abroad and Travelearn programs are exempt from eligibility under the tuition waiver program.


All students (matriculated and non-matriculated) seeking to participate in the unemployment tuition waiver program must follow the steps listed below:

1. File a Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). If the student has not completed the FAFSA, they are not eligible for the unemployment tuition waiver. Kean must be listed as a recipient on the FAFSA and all discrepancies must be resolved prior to the start of the semester.

a. Financial aid must be applied prior to any unemployment tuition waiver adjustments.

2. Students using an unemployment tuition waiver cannot register until the last day of add/drop. Any student registering before or after this date will not be eligible for the tuition waiver. If a student registers prior to the last day of add/drop but drops the classes and re-registers for the same course(s), the tuition waiver will not be honored. Students cannot re-register for the same course code number.

3. Students must submit the Kean University checklist, and the Employability Development Plan (EDP), along with the Unemployed Person Job Training Form (UPJTF) with original signatures to the Office of Financial Aid for the semester in which the student is applying for tuition waiver. The UPJTF must be signed and dated by the Department of Labor, Division of Workforce of New Jersey. The checklist should be signed by the student and the appropriate boxes marked. The EDP and UPJTF are obtained at the Unemployment Office, not Kean University.


4. Unemployed Tuition Waiver students must submit the waiver form within 5 business days after the last day of add/drop period for each semester. As a reminder: STUDENTS USING THE TUITION WAIVER CANNOT REGISTER UNTIL THE LAST DAY OF THE ADD/DROP PERIOD REGARDLESS OF WHEN THEY SUBMIT THEIR WAIVER. In certain conditions, a hold may be placed on a student’s account to prevent early registration.

5. All tuition waivers will be processed within ten (10) business days after the last day of add/drop. Approved waivers will be submitted to the Office of Student Accounting for tuition and fee adjustments.

6. Students will be notified via their Kean Google email if the waiver is approved or denied. It normally takes approximately ten business days to process the waivers and waivers cannot be processed until after the last day of add/drop.

7. Students using the unemployment tuition waiver are not entitled to any promotional benefit offered by the university (such as Kean Dollars).

8. Undergraduate, matriculated students must submit a Special Conditions application (available on the Kean website) within 5 business days of the last day of add/drop. In addition to the Special Conditions form, the student must submit the signed copies of required IRS tax return transcripts, W2s, and supporting documents within 5 business days of the last day of add/drop.

9. If selected for verification, all verification documents must be submitted within 5 (five) business days of the last day of add/drop.


Students who are denied the unemployment tuition waiver have the right to appeal. An appeal for the denial decision can be filed by sending an email to unemploymentwaiver@kean.edu within 5 business days of the date that Kean sent the email notifying the student of the denial. Please include in the email subject “APPEAL.” It may take 2-3 weeks for a decision to be made on an appeal. The appeal must be specific with reasons, time/date, and communications related to the denial reason. If an appeal review determines ineligibility for the unemployment tuition waiver, instructions will be sent to the student on the right to file an appeal to the “Director, Division of Workforce Field Operations.”

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